Tuesday, December 09, 2008

snowed in!

today is a snow day for all the kiddies in the neighborhood, but for me too! my work is closed due to all the snow and dangerous driving. so today i plan on doing productive things like:

1. working on jill's christmas quilt
2. making pages for my december daily album
3. watching a cheery x-mas movie while doing said crafty things
4. remembering how wonderful yesterday was with scott :)
5. reading more "Chasing Harry Winston"

okay so i lied....i only plan on doing SOME productive things ;)

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

christmas to-do list

  • finish quilt for jill for x-mas gift exchange
  • bake christmas cookies with mom
  • buy scott's x-mas gift
  • make felt star garland
  • make soft trees and/or sequined trees
  • repaint stackable snowman
  • wrap presents already purchased
  • send x-mas cards
  • stay on track with ali edwards december daily album
  • watch the family stone (for the 3rd time in a row) and elf to get into the x-mas spirit!

p.s-it's snowing here again today and it's the good kind that sticks to all the branches :)

Thursday, November 06, 2008

16 random things about me

1. i cannot live without diet dr pepper
2. i hate all flourescent lighting
3. i love getting my hair done-but don't want the stylists to talk to me..i need my "me" time to be quiet lol
4. i always have my toenails painted hot pink, orange or plum
5. i'm in love with autumn: pumpkins, corn mazes, changing leaves, and the return of scarf weather
6. i am obsessed with all things wedding related, and my bf knows this, and still loves me! (i call it research for my job lol!) *for those of you that don't know i sell wedding photography*
7. i call my puppy chloe pumpkin noodle....don't ask me why
8. i am disappointed in the presidential election results
9. i know every FRIENDS and Sex & the City episode by memory and often relate my own experiences in life to specific episodes (i mostly thank julie and my gamma phi pink ladies for this ability!)
10. i want to be a mom soon
11. if i could wear flip flops year round i would -sneakers suck
12. i used to tell people i hated sushi without ever trying it...turns out-i really like it :)
13. i have a hard time saying "i'm sorry"
14. i am incredibly stubborn
15. i love being a godmother
16. i am addicted to digital scrapbooking after years of being a "paper-only" kinda gal

if you want to play along, put your 16 random things in the comments section so we can all learn something new about you!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

"i came home to a kitchen full of poo-water"

LOL. has to be the funniest quote from grey's anatomy tonight. my schedule has been crazy busy and i've been making infinite calls and emails for the last 4 days and will most likely continue for the next week, but i'm glad that work has picked up again :)

i've been slacking on posting my book club reviews and recommendations and have finished the first of the twilight series. i'm hooked, but need more money to buy the rest of the series. it is such an interesting twist on the traditional love story and the author's descriptions are so amazing!

i've been doing a TON of digital scrapping lately, some old pictures, some new, using mostly ali edwards digital brushes, layouts but also a lot of great freebies i found on ikeagoddess' website. here's some of the new layouts:

i'm really looking forward to saturday afternoon....scott and i are *tentatively* planning on going on another fall festivities date: corn maze, pumpkin patch, gourds, baked pumpkin seeds, and pumpkin carving. he knows what a sucker i am for this season! i'm just keeping my fingers crossed that i don't get called in to work on saturday afternoon!
hope everyone has a nice weekend :)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

some design work and a giveaway!

just a few 8x8" layouts i did for some guest design work for the paper pixie next month using her awesome tags :) i also made a mini book as well, which i'll post soon.
today was such a lazy day. i'm away from scott for the weekend & it's strange as i've become so used to seeing him every day. first time i didn't get a goodnight kiss in months.
i spent the majority of my day creating my own {today you} book out of the ali edwards template which i LOVE. sometimes it's so nice to be able to put together an entire scrapbook in a day-i'll post pics of this once it's complete---i can't wait to print this!
prepare yourself for some mild excitement..............i went to best buy today to buy the memory card for the new camera i [know] that i am getting for christmas--a canon digital rebel xs!!! hello happiness :) like i said...MILD excitement. i am aware that it's only mid-september.
and NOW FOR THE EXCITING NEWS.......i would love to do a giveaway for my 50th post, so all you lurkers out there----it's time to speak up! this is my 47th post so it's happening soon, but details to follow!
have a happy sunday,time for me to read and fall asleep with a good book :)

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

happy, relaxed & rejuvenated

my beautiful goddaughter eden. such a personality on this one. i recently edited these photos for a scrapbook i am making as a keepsake for her when she gets older. i just love the candid style photos you are able to capture with a child as your subject. i stumbled across this site and purchased these awesome ali edwards photoshop brushes. i can't wait til christmas when i get a nice digital slr for better pictures for scrapbooking and can purchase more fun elements from designer digitals!!!
finished up 2 more quilts but have yet to post them up in the shop. spent the day with the bf (he was off from work today) and painted our boards for the bag toss games we made for us and my parents. had such a wonderful relaxing and *fun* weekend up in door county with the family and bf. 3 solid hours of catch phrase and a sore tummy from laughing so hard, beautiful weather and lots and lots of memories.
i wish there was more summer left so i could go back up and enjoy the cottage again.
definitely next summer.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

shop update!

hi hi hi :)

just finished a BIG shop update: new rag quilts, and LOTS of fun throw pillows, plus more to come over the next few days. let's just say i was VERY busy sewing during the olympics!
anyways, thought i'd give you a sneak peek, but if you want more pics or info, head on over to my shop!
i was up suuuuuuppper late last night (think 2:30am) editing some pictures of my goddaughter eden (the cutie patootie pictured above) for a scrapbook i am making. pictures coming soon!